MSource Training and Consulting

MSource Training and Consulting

Now, more than ever, federal regulators are paying close attention to those in the mortgage industry.  A lack of knowledge of the ever changing rules and regulations is not only poor practice, it is a dangerous situation which could easily lead to stiff fines, loss of licenses and even criminal prosecution.

MSource Training & Consulting, Inc. can offer you a practical solution.  We have assembled a team of industry professionals with various backgrounds, who have in-depth knowledge and experience in all areas of mortgage operations, training, and Quality Control.  MSource provides state and federally mandated education courses, specialized consulting services, and a cost effective solution for your Quality Control needs.

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First of all ‘thank you’ for the wonderful job you did teaching our 24 hr. class.

I passed the test Tuesday without a problem! I don’t think I ran across a question that you hadn’t covered during those three days. (that’s not to say I “remembered” everything though!)

Thank you very much!!!!

- Greg B.



Compliance: Policies & Procedures

  • Red Flag/Safeguard Policy
  • Address Discrepancy Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Anti-Money Laundering Policy
  • Information Security Policy
  • Company Policies & Procedures

Quality Control Plans also Available!

Fully Automated Q/C

Outsource your loan audits to our experienced professionals. Quality Control Audit Reviews that meet the requirements of FNMA, FHLMC, FHA, and VA conducted by our experienced team of underwriting and QC specialists.

Our Audit Reports are easy to read, comprehensive, and written in your language!

Are you in compliance with FHA audit requirements? Are you reviewing Neighborhood Watch on a monthly basis? Are you having one tenth of your closed loans audited? Are your denials and early payment defaults being audited?

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Leading You in the Right Direction

Having quality mortgage information and other valuable resources at your disposal can be the difference between making an informed determination based on solid industry advice or losing money and time because of poor, uninformed decisions.

Luckily, MSource Training and Consulting provides FREE resources for those who need to make informed judgments about real estate, mortgage, finance, and other related matters. Please take the time to browse through our free resources, links and articles relating to all matters regarding the mortgage and real estate industries.  Visit our Resource Page or Click Here


  • Improved efficiency and profitability
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved control of quality, processes, and demonstrations of staff competence
  • Consistent quality and timely delivery


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