Compliance Manual

New and existing companies should maintain up-to-date policies and procedures to remain compliant with State, Federal and Local Laws. This can be a daunting task. This is a primary component of a State Exam. Additionally, a variety of policies may be required for new state licensure and/or Investor Sign-ups.

MSource offers customized manuals to help satisfy these requirements and assist
you with your required compliance.


  • Customized to your company and the nature of your business
  • State specific add-ins for States requiring additional information
  • More than 25 individual sections to cover the requirements you need
  • Updated in real-time – if we update sections of the manual, they are sent out immediately. Additionally, on an annual basis you will receive a new manual that includes the prior year’s updates.
  • No annual fee for updates! Pay once and get updates as long as you are a client.
  • Installment plans available to assist with the initial cost.

***Note that MSource Training and Consulting, Inc. is not a law firm. Consultations provided are based on experience and do not represent a legal opinion. Clients are encouraged to consult the attorneys, accountants, etc. in conjunction with services provided.***

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